The Shipyard

Born in 1897, Couach creates, year after year, taylor made yachts.

Honesty and commitment have always been at the heart of our philosophy.


Crafting unique boats for more than 120 years.

Couach Today

Every yacht starts with a dream. This is where our mission begins. Working in close cooperation with our clients, to make their dream come true.
Couach is a world-renowned French shipbuilder with a broad spectrum of products tailored to Owners desires, from semi-custom to full-custom yachts. Established in France in the Arcachon bay, Couach has been building the finest yachts with an outstanding level of quality and engineering since 1897.


With its rich history, Couach is today one of the oldest shipyards in France, which continues to write its story, as a family.

Our Heritage

Born from the Couach family’s passion for the seas, the story begins in the late nineteenth century in the heart of Arcachon bay when Albert Couach created the first marinized engine.

Our Heritage

Curious and always looking for new concepts/ideas, his dream was to build boats able to cross all the seas of the world, in all weather conditions. 120 years later, his dream has become a reality.

Our Heritage

Robert Couach, Louis Couach, Guy Couach, Pierre Couach and today 300 craftsmen, engineers and managers, perpetuate the nautical tradition and lead the shipyard towards Excellence. The singularity of the Couach philosophy assures each customer a unique experience in the fulfillment of their dreams.

120 years of passion

Our Philosophy

Couach is the paramount of excellence. Yacht design, craftsmanship and engineering remain at the heart of our savoir-faire. Our mission is to share the world of French luxury with our Owners, and to constantly offer them new technologies for the ultimate on-board experience.
The singularity of the our philosophy assures each customer a unique experience in the fulfillment of their dreams.

Couach story

  • The first marinized engine in the world

    The first marinized engine in the world

    Albert Couach created in Arcachon Bay, in France, the first marine engines in the world. Couach was born.

  • The first pinasse

    The first pinasse

    Accompanied by Auguste Bert, Albert Couach developed the first motorized pinasse of the Arcachon bay christened "Libellule".

  • Couach brothers

    Couach brothers

    The family business is taken over by Albert's two sons, Robert and Louis, who developed the activity of Couach engines.

  • Guy Couach arrival

    Guy Couach arrival

    Guy Couach, son of Robert Couach, joined the company and created Arcoa. Under the brand Arcoa, Guy Couach launched the production of series boats, whose exceptional seaworthiness made the success of the shipyard.

  • Arcoa begins

    Arcoa begins

    The yard launches a 10.50 meter Pinasse (called Arcoa 48), and sells more than 400 units. Arcoa, of which all the models are designed by Guy Couach, becomes in a few years "the Great French Shipbuilder".

  • The 1060 Arcoa

    The 1060 Arcoa

    The shipyard signs one of the best-selling models at the time, the Arcoa 1060. "The Arcoa, a seafaring boat". 60 years later, the marine performances of the Couach boats are still recognized all around the world.

  • Guy Couach shipyard is born

    Guy Couach shipyard is born

    Guy Couach founds his own shipbuilding facility in Gujan Mestras.

  • The 1200 Guy Couach

    The 1200 Guy Couach

    The Guy Couach site presents its first model, the "Guy Couach 1200".

  • The Guy Couach 920

    The Guy Couach 920

    Guy goes on the offensive and revolutionizes the French market with its 920.

  • Couach speedboats

    Couach speedboats

    The company develops a range of surveillance boats and becomes a leading supplier to national and international maritime and government agencies.

  • Guy Couach, French leader

    Guy Couach, French leader

    Guy Couach shipyard becomes the undisputed leader in speedboats from 9 to 16 meters in France, with a full range of five models: from 920 to 1600.

  • Pierre couach

    Pierre couach

    Pierre Couach, son of Guy, joined the family yard. He modernizes the range with a new approach to design. The yard is embarkes into larger yachts reaching 28 meters.

  • New range

    New range

    The shipyard is sold. Pierre Couach starts the redesign of the 12 to 20 meters range. Success lies with the new 185 Fly of which seven units are sold in the first year.

  • Larger yachts

    Larger yachts

    A strategic reorientation evolves towards larger yachts from 20 to 35 meters. Success comes again, this time with the 2200 FLY with a production of five units the first year.

  • Larger than ever

    Larger than ever

    Couach pursues its objective in the large yachts sector by launching its first 30 meter, "Cartouche". A resounding success at all levels. The range extends, a 33 and a 36 meter are subsequently launched.

  • The turning point

    The turning point

    International and contemporary, the Guy Couach yard is renamed Couach Yachts. To perfect this strategy, Couach buys IMS in St Mandrier to become its technical refit base in the Mediterranean.

  • The new Couach signature

    The new Couach signature

    The shipyard presents its new Couach design signature. The year is marked by the launch of the new "3300 Fly", and the start of three new projects : a 30, 37 and a 50 meters, all adopting the new modern design of brand.

  • The 3700 Fly

    The 3700 Fly

    The Couach 3700 Fly, the biggest yacht ever built by the French shipyard at the time, was a great success. Even before the first launch of this new model of 37 meters, 5 orders were already recorded.

  • Shipyard expansion

    Shipyard expansion

    With the yard’s growth, Couach initiates the construction of a hangar which will accommodate the construction of the two first 50 meter yachts. The construction of a gigantic launching ramp is debuted.

  • Nepteam and Couach

    Nepteam and Couach

    The Nepteam Holding company, owned by local investors, acquires Couach, contributing to the revitalization of the industrial activity of the Arcachon bay and Mediterranean facilities.

  • the 5000 fly

    the 5000 fly

    Couach presents the first 50 meter, which will make the cover of yachting magazines around the world. "The Pellegrina" propels Couach to center stage. The shipyard become a key player in Superyachts market.

  • Two new 50 meters

    Two new 50 meters

    While the second full-custom 5000 Fly Couach christened "Belongers" is delivered, in the biggest secrecy, the construction of a 47 meters begins in the yard.

  • Wind of change

    Wind of change

    New team, new concepts, a wind of change is blowing. It is with enthusiasm that Couach embarks on complete overhaul of its in-house yacht range, and joins forces with some exterior designers.

  • The Lounge

    The Lounge

    The success of the new Couach structure is marked by the enthusiasm for the new and innovative in-house model: the"Lounge".

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