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The shipyard, based in Gujan-Mestras, on the Bassin d’Arcachon near Bordeaux, houses all the premises for the study and production of ships. This includes: the design and engineering office, the research and development department as well as all the production workshops. Luxury yachts and defence vessels are therefore entirely created, developed and built in house.

The Bassin d’Arcachon is an exceptional place, similar to a landlocked sea. It offers a unique test base for boats. No port within 160 km to the north or south: a changing narrow path to enter the bay, making entry and exit navigation very dangerous, ideal for developing and testing boats before confronting them with difficult sailing conditions.

  • 2018

    4200 Lounge

    The success of the new Couach is also marked by the enthusiasm for the new innovative model designed in-house: 4200 Lounge

  • 2017

    Delivery 4700

    The year starts with the delivery of the 4700 Fly and the 2305 Fly Couach.

  • 2014

    50m delivered

    While the second 50m Couach is delivered, the construction of a 44m starts in complete secrecy in the site’s premises.

  • 2012

    The Pellegrina

    Couach presents its very first 50 meter: The Pellegrina

  • 2011


    Nepteam bought all the shares of the Couach group, contributing to the revitalization of the industrial activity of the Bassin d’Arcachon.

  • 2008

    Natural elegance

    Natural elegance and sporting refinement are the terms that will best describe the design strategy of Couach’s large yachts.

  • 2007

    37’s success

    The 3700 Fly, the largest yacht ever built by Couach at the time, was a great success.

  • 2006

    Couach signature

    Following the “Open Yacht” trend, Couach presents a new signature design.

  • 2005

    The year of change

    The year of change. The Guy Couach shipyard is now called Couach Yachts.

  • 1999

    30’s launch

    The new management is pursuing its objective in large yachts by launching its first 30 meters, “Cartouche”.

  • 1998

    New strategy

    A strategic reorientation is emerging towards larger yachts from 20 to 35 meters.

  • 1975

    Leader in France

    Guy Couach has become the undisputed leader in France for boats from 9 to 16 meters.

  • 1970

    Surveillance launches

    The company develops a range of surveillance launches and becomes one of the main suppliers to navies and administrations.

  • 1964

    The 1200

    The Guy Couach shipyard presents its first model, the 1200.

  • 1962

    Entity’s birth

    Birth of the “Guy Couach” entity. Guy Couach founded his own construction site.

  • 1948


    Arcoa, whose models are all designed by Guy Couach, became in a few years the “major French construction site”.

  • 1947

    Guy Couach

    Guy Couach, son of Robert Couach, joined the company and created Arcoa. Under Arcoa, Guy Couach launched the mass production of boats.

  • 1897

    Couach’s Birth

    Albert Couach created the world’s first marine engines in Arcachon, France. This is how the first Couach entity was born.

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