A first step into the world of firefighting

With the wealth of experience gained in the marine rescue vessel market, we are proud to present a preview of a vessel designed for fire fighting.

In the 1990s, Couach has already built vessels for Vietnamese and French firefighters. 30 years later, here is their successor: the 1200 FIFI

The 1200 SAR model designed for the new SNSM fleet, the 1200 FIFI is a unique platform in Europe that has been specially designed to meet the needs of the sector’s operational staff.

The specificities of the vessel in a few points ::

Equipped with two 404 kW propulsion engines mounted in the shaft line, this vessel can reach a maximum speed of 30 knots. It also benefits from two large fuel tanks with a capacity of 750 L each. This design choice will enable it to go fast, for a long time and increase its operating autonomy. Specific “Firefighter” equipment: It is equipped with a 125 kW autonomous engine coupled to a water pump with a flow rate of 5000 L/min. This system will supply a rigid fire network with stainless steel piping. A water cannon that can deliver from 3000 to 7000 L/min is integrated into this installation.

Other distinctive equipment is also present such as a mist shield system that encircles half of the forward vessel, a bailer system for recovering shipwrecked persons installed on the stern, and an optional piercing lance that allows the diffusion of a jet through the walls of a burning vessel.

This craft is the ultimate solution to respond to incendiary threats.

Design and conception by Couach Yachts based on the study of NSC1 by BARREAU NEUMAN – Ingénierie Architecture Navale